how much imodium to give a 2 year old

What can you do for a 2 year old with diarrhea?: My 2 1 . do to help with this his docyor told me to give him Imodium has anyone ever given their toddler Imodium and if so how much?


. can give him Imodium just to help him get through the weekend, but I am not sure how much to give . going every 1-2 . illness at 14-years old. Bless his heart. I hope the Imodium .

. if anyone knows how much Imodium A-D (Loperamide HCI 2mg caplets) I should give to a 35lb 6mo. pup.. and a 15lb 3mo. old pup??? . 2 . wait until he is a year old or .

I saw that there is childrens imodium can I give it to my how much imodium to give a 2 year old 2 year old . use not definitely don't give to a child. However, you don't want to give too much as immodium can .

2 years ago; Report Abuse; Additional . Yes, you can give Imodium how much imodium to give a 2 year old to your dog for . Is it ok to give a 5 month old golden retriever immodium for

Can i give my 3 year old imodium.? . Total points: 271 (Level 2) Add Contact; Block . you want to be careful to not give him too much.

my daughter has diarrhea can i give my 2 year old daughter imodium ad for her diarea, and how much illiduh07crap

How much does Imodium A-D (Loperamide) cost? What conditions might . Do not give this medicine to a child younger than 2 years old without
.original: Akathisia and seroquel induced

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