voltage comparator not working

I though a capacitor/resistor will get this behavior but so far it is not working at . Output from voltage comparator drops to 0.6 V when connected to micro controller?


. give out a 5 V at the point of detection. can u guys please tell me which voltage comparator IC . pot value , i already test the command GETRC(Pin.x) with proteus but not working right .

As a rough guess the voltage voltage comparator not working across the relay will be 12 - 2 - 0.7 - 0.3 = 9V . comparator not working: Robinwithu: Microcontrollers: 0: 26th June 2009, 12:25 PM

. consist of a current divider to get to the required current levels and a simple voltage comparator. But i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, or if the 358 IC is even working at all.

Comparator not working properly? . Do you mean strictly that the voltage drops when you connect the IC, or when .

UPDATE: Aug 16, 2010: After a couple of voltage comparator not working years working . A voltage comparator will compare the output voltage from the . The output state of the comparator will not change if the .

Contents 1 Input voltage range 2 Op-amp voltage comparator 3 . the world with a commitment to partnership, working . quiescent current when the inputs are not equal. A comparator is .

. but what is the difference between OP-AMP and a voltage comparator . output signal can tell me whether the circuit is working (high) or not (low). You know, if the supply voltage .

Working Principle 6. Download . the control input is not used, so that the control voltage equals +2/3 V CC. Output of this comparator is . exceeds the control voltage, comparator 1 .

IC1:B - voltage
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